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What were looking for; 

We are looking for a part time stylist and sales associate to join our team. Our dream angel would come soaring in with creative personal style, retail experience and a knack for merchandising. We're looking for someone who loves vintage, loves to thrift, squeals when their favorite Stevie Nicks song comes on and is excited to meet new people. The perfect fit for Lux would be extra creative, with an eye for detail and the ability to turn an idea into a reality.  We need someone that isn’t afraid of technology and knows their way around a smart phone and Instagram; a strong social media presence would be a plus!


Why you want to work at Lux;

Because working at Lux is pretty darn dreamy! Not only are you encouraged to embrace your own personal style, you're given a lot of room to decorate and play dress up throughout the store.  Get those creative juices flowing! You're gonna need 'em! Lux is a fairly new small business which means it only has room to GROW! There is room for advancement within this position and a fair amount of open direction; we are looking for someone to join our team long term and help our business grow into a lasting Portland staple. 


How it works;

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