Hey! Let me introduce myself.  I'm Mary Kate Bassindale.  I've had a love for days gone by my whole life.  From playing dress up in Grandma's thrift store finds to altering vintage gowns for prom, my entire life has been about restoring the old and letting it shine again! In 2014 I eloped in Reno, Nevada - married my best friend at the worlds largest car show, dressed head to toe in vintage fashion.  My husband, Greg Bassindale is an artist and together we own TigerLily Tattoo.  In 2016, we had the opportunity to buy Hollywood Lux next door.  Needless to say I seized it!  Now we have businesses next door to each other, both living our passions!  Our life is all about art and holding onto the things we hold dear.  My husband and I are both 6th generation Portlanders and damn proud of it!  Our goal is to keep that old Portland spirit alive!  We want to stay local and be an active member of the neighborhood and community.  We love to celebrate its history! That's the Portland we grew up in.  When you come into my store, I want you to feel like you're catching up with an old neighbor or friend, and hopefully find something you can't live without - Mary Kate Bassindale