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 What will you find at Lux?

You can walk through Lux and think you've seen everything and still miss something, there's just so much to look at! I want all the senses to be filled and intrigued when you walk into my store.  Whether its the wafting sultry scents of locally crafted soap or the glimmer off a piece of citrine that catches your eye, you'll be sure to feel something exciting at Lux.  

From healing stones and crystals, to local artists of all types, incredibly affordable vintage and recycled goods - everything at Lux is meant to bring you joy and contribute to the community in it's own purposeful way.

Featured Portland Artists

{ Amaree & Reese }
Brass jewelry hand crafted by Risa Regory.

{ Angy Wills }

Necklaces and earrings completely crafted by hand in Portland. 

{ Clary Sage Apothecary }

Aromatherapy, healing brews, and other holistic therapies by Candace Coulter.

{ Essence of the Mother }
Flower Essences  that work to bring about overall balance and healing to the whole self by Rachel Maroudas.

{ Grand Bones }
Ethically sourced specimens in beautiful vintage jars and frames by Mallary Small.

{ Lazuli Moon }

Stunning metal and beaded jewelry hand made in Portland by Julianna Valerio

{ Line 45 Soap }

Small batch soaps made with earthy materials and fresh scents by local maker Janet Brown.

{ Mystic Snax }
Handcrafted jewelry by Bjorg Rowe. 

{ Pigeon Heart Designs }
Handmade jewelry designs featuring brass, silver, bone and crystals by Lisa Hirsch

{ Run to the Hills Leather }
Beautiful leather handbags, wallets and bracelets that will last a lifetime by Shelly O'Grady and Daniel Drumright.  

{ Wolf Den }
Healing handmade jewelry and sun catchers by MK Bassindale.

{ Wood & Wax Co. }
Handcrafted soy candles, sprays and perfumes made from natural ingredients by Elle Rogers.